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design / build Division

Our award winning designer makes every effort to listen to our clients up front, so that all wishes and desires for the project can be implemented. We base our philosophy of the "client is always right", after all who knows you better, than you!

Our actions in the design phase try to cover all bases and eliminate issues, since changes at this stage are a lot less costly than in the construction phase.

We strive to provide the perfect plan up front, and assist our clients in "seeing the vision" through many means such as computer drawings, renderings, and models, where needed to clarify the design.

We are conductors, counselors, and sometime therapists when needed, to orchestrate the smooth process of design / build / remodel; and when the parts all coincide, we create the masterpiece with our clients, for a mutually beneficial relationship.

This is what keeps our clients returning year after year, and sharing us with their friends.

New construction

New construction is the best venue for allowing our clients to construct their perfect home. We listen up front, in the design phase, to create the perfect plan, then take those plans and build the perfect home for our clients.

The construction of new homes or businesses is always a trying, but rewarding time, as the client gets to see the plan on paper come to life.

Our 23 years of design, construction, and remodeling experience allows us to provide quality products to our clients.This also ensures that what is on the plans can actually be constructed, all the while being structurally sound and meeting all building and life safety codes in their jurisdictions. Since our design team members are some of the same people who will be on your job daily, we save our clients money by being able to answer questions or resolving issues before they have a chance of becoming problems in the field. This reduces costly job delays and/or changes in the field,which in turn saves our clients time and money.

remodeling and renovation

This process is the most invasive of the construction processes, as it generally affects the lives and homes of our clients most directly. We strive to minimize the impact of our construction efforts to make this process as painless as possible. All the members of our remodel team have the same concern for our clients, which is to provide them with their dreams, all the while keeping the process minimally invasive. We put ourselves in your shoes, so we feel for our clients during this process.

That being said, remodels can provide our clients with their dreams within their own, familiar walls. Remodel work allows us to create livable area within existing space, and helps our clients make the best use of their homes footprint. The client also gets the satisfaction of updating their homes to keep up with ever changing needs while maintaining the home they fell in love with originally. It really is the best of both worlds to remodel!